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Verse 1
I got off the plane in
Saw the sunshine
And the palm trees
I really like this

Verse 2
I got to my hotel in
Nice and clean
Got no fleas
I really like this

Verse 3
I went out on the front in
Saw lots of girls
With little bikinis
I really like this

Verse 4
Went to a club in
Met a girl from Hull
She's no tease
I really like this

Verse 5
Took her back in
Couldn't believe my luck
When she got on her knees
I really like this


If I take you by the hand And lead you through my life
Will you share your life with me
Will you be my wife.


I can't face it without you
Cos I love the things that you do
I see you here with me
You and me endlessly

If I took you by the hand
And lead you to the promised land
Walking alone on the sand
Could you say you loved me.

If I took you by the arm
Walked you neath the sun so warm
Would you say you loved me so
Would you ever go

If I took you by the heart
Said we would never part
Would you say you loved me now
Tell me and show me how.


My life has turned to ashes
And hope has turned to pain
Christ if my love were in my arms
And I in my bed again

Verse 1
Got no hope now
It's all turned black
My love has gone today
No turning back
No backward glance
I know she's gone to stay

Verse 2
What can I do
What can I say
My eyes have gone blind
Where can I go
What can I say
She's left me here behind


Verse 1
Your eyes shine like fire
Wanna take you higher
High as the birds fly
If you stay with me

Verse 2
The rain falls on sidewalks
The shops are all shuttered
Just us here to talk
If you stay with me

Verse 3
The clock has rung midnight
The people are at home now
I will be your night light
If you stay with me

Verse 4
The ransomed blood is flowing
Sit down here beside me
No more thoughts of going
If you stay with me


In my dreams I talk just like a film star,
The girls all want to talk to me,
See me driving in my big car,
Giving their young bodies up for free.


Give me that sexual high,
Tonight I want to fly,
Just come here and lie.
I'll take you to the sky.

In my dreams I walk just like James Dean,
The people all want to stare at me,
I move like I'm in a movie scene,
Rich and happy for everyone to see.

But I know I ain't even got a job,
Those bastards in the City did for me,
They think I'm a no good dirty yob,
All I needs a break then they'll see.

I'm going to shine like a sun up in the heavens,
They'll burn their eyes just to look at me,
The richest and the best kid in their town,
I'll burn it down if they can't see.


In the first cool light of dawning
I wake and still yawning
In the light from the bedroom door
I see your clothes from the night before,


And all I want to do,
Is stay here with you,
And all I want to say,
Is never go away oh oh oh.

In the early light I kiss your lips
Touch your hair with my finger tips
In the glow of the early sun
I see you are so very young.

Stay with me through all my life,
Say one day you'll be my wife,
Let the morning light every day,
Light my life this special way.

And all I want to do
Is stay here with you
And all I want to say
Is never go away
I love you.


In the morning
In the morning of the day
I will hold you
Don't ever go away
In the morning
In the morning you and I.

In the daylight
In the daylight of the day
I will see you
And gently call your name
In the daylight
In the daylight you and I.

In the evening
In the evening of the day
I will call you
I will ask you to stay
In the evening
In the evening you and I.

In the nightime
In the nightime of the day
I will hold you
Don't ever go away
In the nightime
In the nightime you and I.


Verse 1
I grew up
In a place
You never saw
A happy face
Days so grey
You wanna cry
Nights so dark
You wanna die

But I've found you
And you ooh ooh
Loved me too

Verse 2
Went to school
Learnt to run
Never learnt
To have no fund
All I knew
Was to hate
Had to go
Before too late

Verse 3
Gotta job
In a hole
All I knew
Was shovelling coal
Had to go
See the sky
Just for once
Before I die

Verse 4
Now I know
I'm lucky
Met you and
Now I'm free
Free from pain
Free from doubt
You turned me
Inside out


Inside outside upside down
You turned me into your clown
Under over sideways right
You and me always fight

Verse 1
I knew when I met you
You were right for me
How were you able to
Change your ways for me
Always right, never wrong
Do you think I'm better gone

Verse 2
We can't agree
And we can't just part
Why can't you see
You broke my heart
Always wrong and never right
Do we always have to fight


They think I'm God
They're in my hands
I try to tell them
I'm just a man.

When I came to this place
I had a dream
To bring them peace
It was just a dream.

When crowds flock in
They call my name
Perhaps I wanted
My share of fame.

Oh hear me Father
Teach me to love
Help me be the man
They're thinking of

Over thirty years
I've walked the land
God only knows
I need a hand.

At night my pillow
Is wet with tears
I need some love
To calm my fears.

Father look down
Here I am
Can I love a woman '
Say I can.

Send me a message
Bring her to me
Can a woman
Set me free.

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