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I see it from the airplane, The rooftops and the farms
The old streets and the lanes
Meet my open arms.

I've been away a long time
In a place far from home,
My old hometown's the end of the line
I'm never goin to roam.

See my families open arms
Hear their lovin talk,
I'm never goin to come to harm
If I stay with my own folk.

But the Jury's comin back right now
The Judge he looks like hell,
They take me to a different jail
And into the death cell.

My life is all over now
I'll never see them anymore
My Mom and Dad will never know
How I loved them so.


I think I'II go to Zanzibar, And lie upon the sand,
Sit all day in a beach bar,
In that hot and happy land.

And I'Il never think of old towns,
And kids with nothing to eat,
Don't want to think of broken homes
And people in bare feet.

I think I'll go to old Palm Springs,
And play on the courses,
Ride and talk and drink large gins,
And bet upon the horses.

Don't want to here bout Bosnia,
And kids with nothing to eat,
Don't want to hear bout living in fear,
And people in bare feet.

Think I'll go to the Canton hotel,
On the front in Cannes,
They cook their lobsters very well,
I'm real big fan.

Don't want to think bout Africa,
And kids with nothing to eat,
Don't want to hear about disease
And people in bare feet.

Guess I'm just an old Romantic,
Tell me if I'm wrong,
We ye got to do something drastic,
Not just sing a song.

Tell me about what shit goes down,
And kids with nothing to eat
We gotta get up and change it round,
For people in bare feet.


Verse 1
I thought I was an island
And the people were the sea
I never had a homeland
Until you came for me
I thought I was a river
Flowing to the sea
I never was a giver
Until you came for me

Verse 2
I thought I was a mountain
Head high in the sky
I never saw the fountain
Until you came by
I thought I was an ocean
Empty and so cold
I never knewemotion
Til I had you to hold


Verse 1
I walked the streets
And wanna cry
Since you're gone
I wanna die
Just crawl away
Leave the world
Cos you see
Ain't got no girl

You were mine
You were mine
In the sunlight
But when the night came
All I got was pain

Verse 2
My girl's just gone
Just run away
Now I can't face
Another day
Help me now
Help me please
Help me when you see me
I'm on my knees


I want a little fun before I die,
Days so grey I wanna cry,
Burn this down around your ears,
End your world in blood and tears.

Watch this space,
It's full of fear,
Keep it down,
With sex and beer.

I wanna count before I go,
Do things that all will know,
want some fame and want some bread,
Give me a life before I'm dead.


I only know I don't wanna be,
Someone as small as me,
give me strength, give me hope,
Don't think of me like another dope.


I went home to see my family
I'd been away too long
But when I got to my home town
All the heart had gone.

Where are the ghosts of yesterday
Walking to the docks
Where are my brothers, uncles, friends
Have they all been lost.

I drove past the plane works
Near where the mills had been
There were just empty building sites
Holding down the screams.

I followed in their footsteps
Down the cobbled streets
I never saw their ghosts at all
But I heard their muffled feet.

The little homes of all my friends
And their fathers long before
Are dirty ruins or tower blocks
Floor on stinking floor.

Here we made the planes and trains
The trucks and the cars
We worked so hard to build this place
Now it isn't ours.

All we have is shopping malls
And out of town estates
Its cold and bleak on the dole
Because of their mistakes.

How can we take it sitting down
While they try to break us
For Christs sake let's break their hold
Before they can enslave us.


Verse 1
I'm not looking for your love
I don't want to change your ways
Just need a real close friend
To get me through today

Verse 2
I don't want to cause a scene
I don't need to tear it up
All I need's a little trust
All I need's a little luck

Verse 3
I don't hate your ma and pa
I don't think I really care
All I want's a little piece
All I want's a little share

Verse 4
I don't want to waste away
I don't want to grow old
Have you got room for me
Can you keep me from the cold

I'm gonna sing a happy song
I want you all to sing along
About a man I'm sure you know
He knew he had far to go.

He went to the local school
He was going to be nobodies fool
Couldn't work on the busses
Couldn't cope with all those plusses.

Trained for years in a bank
The bosses thought ' this kids just rank'
We'll train him to make the tea
Somewhere where no one can see.

But our John was a little hero
He wasn't going to be a zero
He was crafty he was arty
He went and joined the Tory Party.

He Kept his head down and did his sums
Had to kiss some powerful bums
And the wicked witch saw it all
And said ' young John sell me your soul.

It didn't take a moments thinking
The pact was signed as quick as winking
The old witch flew from the scene
And our Hero went to see the Queen.

'Remind me again who you are'
Said the Queen to our star
I am the Prime Minister your Highness
'Well please don't shag any Princess'.

And now the wheel has come around
And for oblivion John is bound
But let's take care not to forget
The lives he's ruined, the sniveling get.


Verse I
I'm so sorry
That I came into your heart
I'm so sorry
I didn't want to part
I'm so sorry
You know it's all true
I'm so sorry
I only wanna be with you

Verse 2
I'm so sorry
I really didn't know
I'm so sorry
I don't want you to go
I'm so sorry
I hid my love inside
I'm so sorry
I couldn't beat my pride

Verse 3
I'm so sorry
It's ended like this
I'm so sorry
I dream of your kiss
I'm so sorry
Won't you come back to me
Yes I'm sorry
And all the world can see

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