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Verse 1
I come
I go
But I don't know
I laugh
I cry
I want to die
I sing
I dance
But got no chance

And you love me
Like I love you
And I'll have
My dreams come true

Verse 2
You see
Don't know me
Are just
Too blind to see
You laugh
I cry
I want to die

Verse 3
One day
I'll get my way
See you
And I'll say
I got
A love
For only
Can pull me through


I don't know whats going on, I don't know if I'm wrong,
I don't know if the suns gonna shine,
All I know is you are mine.


Cos I love you,
Cos I love you,
Cos I lo... .ove you,
Cos I love you.

I don't know if the government stinks,
I don't know what anyone thinks,
I don't know whats on your mind,
All I know is you are mine.

I don't know about the Berlin Wall,
I don't know about anything at all,
I don't know about my last time,
All I know is you are mine.


I don't want your sympathy I don't need your money
All I want is your respect
And your legs around me honey


Oh oh I want your legs around me honey
Oh oh I need you more than money.

I don't want no charity
I don't need no fights
All I want is you loving me
Take me to the heights.

I know your Daddies super rich
And I 'm a common boy
But you are ray baby bitch
And your body gives me joy.

I know your momma thinks I'm shit
She can wipe off her shoe
But you and me are a perfect fit
No one does it like you.

One day we'll be far away
And leave your folks at home
So you and me can screw all day
And be left alone.


Verse 1
I dream
And when I dream I dream of you
I dream
And in my dreams my love is true
I dream
And all the world is set to rights
I dream
That you are with me through the night
I dream
And all that I dream is of you
I dream
And hope it will come true

Verse 2
My dream
Is filled with nights of love
My dream
Is sent to me from above
My dream
Is all I have left now you're gone
My dream
Is all I've got to get along


Verse 1
I have been here before
I have been here with you
Now that you're gone
What else can I do

Cos I'm so lonely lonely lonely
I'm all alone
Lonely lonely lonely
Sad and alone

Verse 2
I have been here before
So many times
Now that you're gone
I've forgotten my lines

Verse 3
I have been here before
I'll be here again
Now that you're gone
It never ends


Verse 1
I just wanna good time
Before the summer's through
Give me a good time
I really fancy you
I just wanna good time
Won't go home tonight
Show me a good time
Hold me good and tight

Verse 2
I just wanna piece of it
Before I quiet down
Give me a piece of it
Give me all that I'm allowed
I just want another score
Keep me going til the dawn
Come and give me a little more
Won't spend the night alone

Verse 3
I just wanna little slide
All around the floor
Just need another ride
Come on give me more
I just want another chance
Once more before I go
Come on here to me
And I'll give you a show
And I just want to let go


I need
Love love love
Sent from heaven above
I need
You you you
And you know it's true.

I need to
Kiss kiss kiss
Just on nights like this
I need to
Hold hold hold
You when nights are cold.

I need
Time time time
'Cos you are all mine
I need
Tonight night night
When I'll hold you tight.

I thank
You you you
And the things you do
I thank
You you you
I'll always love you true.


Verse 1
I've been staggering through this land
Doing what I can
Trying hard
To get someone to see
But I never got a hand
Never had a plan
To bring a love to me
I can't go on much more
I'm beat and I am sore
Need someone
To fall in love with me

I need a love
I need a love right now
I need a love
Won't you show me how

Verse 2
In my nights of rain and tears
I need you to still my fears
I need someone
To help me understand
I can't go on much more
I am sick and I am poor
But not beaten
I never will give in
In all the coming years
I'll cry a million tears
Won't you lend a hand

Verse 3
And when at last you've come
To show me how it's done
I'll greet you
With a heart so strong
I will gain the power
Make the long nights all ours
I'll be here
In the morning sun


Open your eyes,
I wanna see,
Just what life,
Is doing to me.

Look at my lob,
Day by day,
More of life,
Is slipping away.

See the world,
I wanna go,
Have some fun,
That's all I know.

Day after day,
Dragging away,
All my life,
Just slipping away

Give me hope,
Give me fun,
Or I'll end my time,
With the barrel of a gun.


Verse 1
I need you beside me
Want your arms around me
Can't you see what I say is true
Feel so lost without you
Love whatever you do
Guess I love, only you

Verse 2
Watch you from a long way
Never knew what I'd say
Didn't even know my name
Now you're here beside me
For all the world to see
I can never be the same

Verse 3
Now I know you love me
Never gonna get free
I smile when I hear your voice
And if I never leave you
It's because I love you
Guess I never had a choice

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