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I know my love lies waiting
Far beyond the sea,
I know that he is waiting,
Waiting there for me.


Oh when he comes
Oh when he comes
He comes for me,
Oh when he comes
He sets my spirit free.

he see the same stars
I gaze on every night,
In my heaven he's the star
Tha burns oh so bright,
God keep him safe and well
Out on the stormy sea
I'd be in hell
If he were lost to me.

Please bring him safe home
To my waiting arms
No more on the phone
I'll drown in his charms,
I'll wake in the morning
To his sweet embrace
And see the sun shining
On his lovely face.


CHORUS. You give me joy boy, joy.
You give me joy boy, joy.

I wandered round
This dirty town
Of grey and dirty streets
Couldn't find
No peace of mind
Went home to cold sheets.
Then I found
The best around
Your hands were real slow
You lit a fire
Took me higher
How could I say no.

Your clothes are cute
Don't wear no suit
Throw them on the floor
I wanna feel
If you're real
Go and lock the door.
Stroke my skin
Come right in
I'm all ready for you
Touch me here
I got no fear
Do what you can do.

Don't go away
I want ya to stay
See my love is true
Leave those pants
They ain't got no ants
Your skin fits you fine.
Put out the light
I don't wanna fight
I'll press my body to you,
I got a need
Its bad indeed
And only you will do.


Give me more
Of that stuff
Can't seem
To get enough
You know
What I need
You follow
I'll lead.


You know what I want and you've got it now,
Give me all that you can I need you now.
And then all
That I'll do
Is give it
All to you.

Bright lights
Deep beat
Don't ever
Need to eat
Dance now
Go faster
Don't need
To even ask'er

Slip and slide
Round the floor
Don't want
To see the dawn
Come with me
Know a place
Where it never
Is too late.


Verse 1
Every time I wander
Every time I roam
I think of you and things you do
Then I'm goin' home

Verse 2
Every time I go away
Every time I'm alone
I think of you
Then I'm goin' home

Verse 3
Every time I'm gone
I call you on the phone
I think of you
Then I'm goin' home

Verse 4
Every time you're not here
I feel you in my bones
I think of you and things you do
Then I'm goin' home


Happy cheeky little boys,
They all need their little toys,
Cheeky sassy little girls,
Want the boys to see their curls.


And we all play the game.
We do it all the same
We're happy when we play,
We play our lives away.

Naughty sneaky little boys,
Must have their little joys,
Dirty flirty little girls,
Must have their gold and pearls.

Happy cheerful little men,
Work to death and what then '
Sad little old women,
Lie alone, what a living!


Verse 1
He who laughs last laughs longest
He who laughs last laughs long
But I'm not the one who's laughing
Since you left me I'm on my own

Verse 2
We used to laugh in the sunshine
We used to laugh in the rain
But I'm not the one who's laughing
I'm the one who's in pain

Verse 3
I hear you laugh in the desert
I hear you laugh in the sky
Why can't I start laughing
Without a tear in my eye

Verse 4
I need to learn about laughing
I need to learn about love
I need to learn that you've left me
That you've left me without love


Verse 1
Battered by kisses
Assaulted by love
All I can do is
Thank heaven above

Verse 2
Mown down by lovin'
Dumb struck by love
All I can do is
Thank heaven above

Verse 3
Smashed open by kindness
Pole axed by love
All I can do is
Thank heaven above

Verse 4
Cut down by caring
Buried by tears
All I can do is
Fight back my fears


verse and chorus ends on a high note.)

High high and dry
Broke and don't know why
I never catch your eye
You leave me
High high and dry.

Big city
Dark night
Gotta run
Gotta fight
Get no rest
See no sky
Cos I'm left
High and dry

Got no work
Got no hope
Got no money
Got no dope
Need a chance
Want to fly
But I'm left
High and dry.

I need you
To pull me through
Dark days
You'll be amazed
See me
When I'm high
When I'm not
High and dry.


Verse 1
I want to know what it's all about
I want to see and I want to shout
Whilst I'm young I'm travelling free
Hold on tight if you come with me

Verse 2
I have seen young turn to grey
I don't want to fade away
While I'm young I'm gonna break free
Hold on tight if you come with me

Verse 3
I have seen some great things
I've felt love give me wings
Whilst I'm young I'm gonna get free
Hold on tight if you come with me

Verse 4
I have seen those I've left behind
I've seen what they can never find
Whilst I'm young please listen to me
Hold on tight if you come with me


I hope you see
This is how
Its meant to be
It just takes time
Like a rose
On the vine
So my love grows.


I know you can't wait for ever
I know you need a sign
I know I'll be your lover
If you give me time.

I'm not ready now
Can't you see
Here and now's
Too soon for me
Give me space
Another time
Another place
You'll be mine


I am fire
I am flame
I am pleasure
I am pain
I see black
You see white
Gotta find you
In the night.

I am flesh
I am blood
I got breath
I feel good
I say black
You say white
Gotta hold you
In the night.

I am weak
I am strong
When I seek
I can't go wrong
You see black
I see white
Just gonna love you
Through the night.

I am here
You are there
Got no fear
When you're there
We see black
We see white
We'll watch the sunrise
After tonight.

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