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One day I'll go and leave my friends
I'll seek you again to the world's ends
Your hair was like shining gold
Have you like me now grown old '

Your lips were like the blood red wine
And once they were mine all mine
Your kisses were warmer than tropic sun
My life's gone cold since you have gone.

I loved you once with passion of fire
I didn't think we could go higher
But you drifted away like a summer storm
Now I'm left cold and alone.

When I find you again we'll stand
I'll hold you fiercely by both hands
I'll hate what the years have done to you
My wasted years are all too true.


I've seen the camps in Sudan
With starving kids around
I've seen the love of brother man
Lie bleeding on the ground.
I've seen the hate in a friendly face
I can't help but be scared
But it would be a disgrace
If we didn't say a word.


Feed me love
Feed me hope
Feed me seeds of life
Feed me with love you can't sell
Feed me light
Feed me care
Feed me anything
Feed me untill you're well.

I've seen the floods take the kids
I've seen folks on fire
I've seen the harm a brother does
I've seen all men are liars.
But I havn't seen you my friend
As you pass your brothers by
And I haven't seen you cry my friend
When you watch your sister die.

So come with us
You know the way
You've known it from the start
Be brave be strong
It won't take long
If it comes from the heart.


Verse 1
Fill me
Baby can't you fill me
Fill me
With never ending love
Fill me
Baby won't you thrill me
Thrill me
Can't get enough

Verse 2
Take me
Baby just take me
Take me
I never wanna go
Take me
Let your body shake me
Shake me
Cos I love you so

Verse 3
Use rue
Baby won't you use me
Use me
Like only you can do
Use me
Baby don't abuse me
Use me
Never let me go

Verse 4
Repeat Verse 1


Flowers of the forest
That's you and I
We shine in the sunlight
Then fade and die

Too many hearts broken
Along the way
Too many girls left
At break of day
But my life's a tough one
I hear you say
Never have time left
When I'm goin away


If you could see in me
What would you say
God give me strength
I'm leavin today
Another heart broken
Along the way
Another young flower
Trampled away.


Verse 1
The smell of the hay
The feel of the grass
Days when blue skies
Would never pass
You and me
Walking through fields
I remember
How love feels

Verse 2
The sound of your voice
Glint in your eye
I think of you
And I could cry
Never could make
Up my mind
Always seem
To be flying blind

Verse 3
The feel of your skin
Against my hand
Took me to
Another land
If you could come
Back to me
I'd show you
I've broken free


For too long now
I searched the world for you
For too long now
I have lived a life alone
For too long now
I've tried to find another
For too long now
I have lived away from home

For too long now
We've lived a life with others
For too long now
I've dreamed you in the night
For too long now
You've stayed away to haunt me
For too long now
I didn't do whats right

For too long now
I've cheated on my lovers
For too long now
I've tried to live a lie
For too long now
I couldn't love no others
For too long now
I couldn't say goodbye


Verse 1
From sundown to September
I chased your shadow long
When they said you've gotta stop
I just kept right on

Verse 2
From dawn to December
I searched and searched for you
I always could remember
What we'd say and do

Verse 3
From sun up to Salinas
I searched each dive and bar
What was it came between us
Could you go so far

Verse 4
At night time in November
I found my angel star
Now you ain't going nowhere
'Cept the back seat of my car


Girlfriend is a vampire
And I am but a flea
We both suck blood
It does us both some good
Oh folly diddle didle
Oh foddily diddle dee

Verse 1
Oh folly diddle didle
Oh foddily diddle dee
We landed one day
It gave me a fright
On a breast of a maid
In the middle of the night

Verse 2
We both took a suck
She woke up with a fright
But only I survived
When she turned on the light

Verse 3
The moral of this tale
As you all will see
Is don't be a vampire
Better be a flea


Girls know what they want
And I just want you
Don't want no other
Only you will do

Verse 1
I just can't wait to hold you
To get you in my head
I just can't wait to get you
At night in my bed

Verse 2
No-one else looks like you
No-one that I know
Now let's see what you can do
Don't be too slow

Verse 3
Well you are even better
Than I thought you'd be
Do it with me one more time
Do it just for me


You dance like Fred Astaire
Dancing up the subway stair
You kiss like Errol Flyn
Too bad you don't look like him

Verse 1
You smile like Michael P
Smooth for all to see
You lie liked Mrs. T
Oh it's all too much for me

Verse 2
You never seem to lose
Dancing in italian shoes
You sleep like you are dead
What goes on inside your head

Verse 3
You say you love just me
You think I'm too blind to see
I see what's behind
The eyes that look like you are blind

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