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Verse 1
'In his dreams they went to the ball park
A little boy and his dad
And drifted through the golden times
Before things got so bad

How could you leave me daddy
Leave me all alone
But now that you're dead
There's so much unsaid
Won't you please come home

Verse 2
In his dreams they went out walking
Over meadow, field and hill
Why didn't you tell me daddy
Tell me that you were ill

Verse 3
In his dreams they held each other
Grasped each other tight
A kiss on the lips, a pat on the head
He got through another night


Crowded streets and empty faces,
Looking through the same old places,
Of you and us there are no traces
What did I do wrong'

We used to laugh about the future
Lived the nights without a care
Always together the perfect pair
What did I do wrong.

That city job took you away
Never saw you night or day
You never seem to want to stay
What did I do wrong'

What more can I say to you
There's nothing we can say or do
I know you've got someone new
What did I do wrong'


Here comes the wind
The Doctor Wind
To take my cares away
Here comes the wind
The Doctor Wind
To take my soul away

Verse 1
Through the long night I struggle
Burning in my bed
Sweat is pouring from me
You run through my head
But all through the dark nights
I keep my soul close by
I know if I let it go
Then I will surely die

Verse 2
And now the dawn is rising
And I feel the blessed wind
I fall to analysing
When they said we sinned
The more I think about it
The more I see the truth
That the time we spent in loving
Was the best time of my youth



Verse 1
Don't come to me crying
When I walk out the door
If you
Think clearly
We've been
Here before

No matter how often
We've fought and we' ye strained
You've hurt me
So badly
I just can't hide
The pain

Verse 3
So softly at moonrise
I walk out the door
No lying
No crying
Just can't take
No more


Don't pop that pill It'll make you ill,
Don't smoke that joint
It'll disappoint.

Why can't you be like us,
We never make a fuss,
The bombs and bullets that we make
Kept you from an early grave.

Don't pour that drink
Stop and think,
Don't light that weed
It's bad indeed.

You must be in by ten
Say the wise old men
We don't believe in slimming
Say the fat old women.

You've gotta work even harder
To get a job like your father,
When you get to sixty five
You'll be glad to be alive.


Don't tell me no more lies
Just look into my eyes
Do you want me to go
I'm the one who loves you so

Words go round and round my head
Filled with things that you've said
God you know I feel so low
I'm the one who loves you so.

Don't tell me no more lies
Don't give me no alibis
Do you want me to go
I'm the one who loves you so.


Verse 1
Don't want you to
Go home
Now you're
Full grown
Just stay here
Don't have
No fear
Want you to
Lie down
Loosen up
Your gown
Don't want
Fresh air
Feel this
I'll take you
to bliss

1303 1 DOWNTOWN DRERMS Verse 1
No work
No hope
No joke
No fun
Nowhere to go
When day is done

Life ain't always what it seems
When you lose those downtown dreams

Verse 2
No friends
No love
No life
No play
Nowhere to go
At end of day

Verse 3
No rest
No ease
No calm
No light
Nowhere to go
At dead of night


Verse 1
Dreamin' of you and me
Gonna set us free
Of my lover
Don't want no other

All I say is lovin' you
That's all I wanna do
Can't you see that it's time
For you, for you

Verse 2
Dreamin' of how we hold
Dreamin' of nights so cold
Dreamin' in my bed
What's in your head

Verse 3
Wishin' the days go by
Wishin' of days 'neath the sky
Wishin' you were with me
Wishes won't set me free


Verse 1
Drip Drip Drip
Like a dripping tap
Your name runs through my head
Drip Drip Drip
Will it never stop
Till I get you to my bed

For all I want to do
Is lie here with you
Wrapped up safe and warm
Sheltered from the storm

Verse 2
Tick tick tock
Like a well worn clock
Your fire is in my eye
Tick tick tock
Gotta take stock
Only we know why

Verse 3
Yes yes no
Please don't go
I've gotta be by your side
No no yes
Just love that dress
I wanna get inside

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