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Verse 1
And did you walk
Down city streets
And did your heart
Not miss a beat
When they laughed
At your words
Couldn't you see
They were all absurd

Verse 2
They said you worked
Like 'n artisan
They didn't know
Didn't understand
They couldn't see
The beauty there
They couldn't start
To treat you fair

Verse 3
And so you died
So few grieved
They didn't know
What you achieved
How your heart
So proud and strong
Couldn't stay
Quiet for long

Verse 4
So now we hear
From beyond the grave
This you gave
When no-one cared
A true great man
Will remember
We that can


Cast adrift
Like a ship without an anchor
Falling down
Like a tower without a base
Can't stand 1
Like a house without foundations
Got no eyes,
In a world without your face.

Since you left,
I can't sleep at night
Now you re gone
I cry every night
I need you,
Someone to cling to
In a world,
Of black and white

In a boat
No oars and no engine
Up a stream,
Flowin' 'way from you
I need help,
To fight through the night
I need you,
Gotta hold you tight.

Please come back
Can't go on livin'
Never knew
I loved you so much
Need your hand,
Gotta get a lift
Just can't stand,
If I'm cast adrift.


Verse 1
Cleo and Mark
Walked in the sun
Wouldn't stop
What they'd begun
But along came Caesar
With a load 0' men
Said you've gotta stop that
I'm gonna rule again

But they took what they could get
And walked into the sunset

Verse 2
So they set a date
Out on the sea
Cleo came
So she could see
Sailed away
Whilst two sides fought
Poor old Mark
Followed her boat

Verse 3
And now down
Through centuries
We see the asp
Kill the queen
But old Mark
What a sap
Found there was
No coming back


Friday night in Camden Town,
Looking for a girt,
Twenty Pounds in my pocket,
Welcome to my world.

Stride down the Passage,
Look in all the doors,
Scanning all the faces,
One of these is yours.

I know I can have anybody,
But tonight I think you'll do,
Let's go back to my place,
I know you want it too.

2nd Chorus.
(You know what I want to do)

Look at my Friday night clothes baby,
Now come look at my car,
It's only an old Porsche baby,
But in it we'll go far.

Let me see those long legs baby,
Wrapped around the gearstick,
Both feet on the dashboard,
That's my favourite trick,

Time to go now baby,
Time to meet my friends,
This is the life of Cocksure Joe,
and this is how it'll end.


Oh oh oh won't you
Come again
I'm feeling the pain
Won't you please_____
Come again.

You've gone and I'm holding onto the memory
The warm afternoon
And the clothes on the floor
Now I'm feeling so bad and the hurt is inside me
Won't you come back soon
Won't you come through my door.

CHORUS Come again etc.

Your body so warm in the cold light of dawn
Oh the memory
Your face in your sleep
Is all I have left to remind me
The hurt is so deep
I need to keep you by me.


I dream of the day when you'll come back and stay
In my life girl
A phonecall away
Won't you come back today
Cos I love you.


Come to me friends
You've got to know
Why it is
That I must go
Leaving tomorrow
After the dawn
Can't stay around
Another morn

Verse 1
I have to go
I have to fly
Can't stay here
And live a lie

Verse 2
Don't hold me back
Just let me go
I guess I've got
A long way to go

COMING AT YOU (Girl's song)

Verse 1
Comin' at you boy
Can't you see
Comin' at you boy
You are for me
Comin' at you boy
No place to hide
Comin' at you
So share the ride

Verse 2
Comin' at you boy
Love your looks
Comin' at you boy
Leave your books
Comin' at you boy
Look at me
Comin' at you boy
What do you see

Verse 3
Gonna get you boy
No place to hide
Gonna get you boy
Enjoy the ride
Gonna get you boy
You for me
Gonna get you boy
I'll set you free


I think I'll drive down to Nashville again
It's been five long years and I sure need a friend
I've been in Chicago for far too long
Put the Chevy on the blacktop, back to where I belong.


Five hundred miles behind me
Two hundred still to go
Me and my Chevy
We're really on a roll,
Going back to the city
That girl I gotta find
Going back to the city
I swear I'll make her mine.

Left that girl one dark night, five long years ago,
She said I'd got no future, and kindly leave our home,
I went out into the night , no place to go,
Me and this old Chevy, stopped in Chicago.

What I didn't know then, and I've only just heard,
Was that girl was carrying a baby, and was real scared,
Her and my boy are living high upon the hill,
That rises above the river, down in old Nashville.

They say she's married a rich guy, with a private jet,
But Oh my Celine, you ain't seen me yet
That guy is too old for a girl as young as you,
My boy needs his Daddy, you know that this is true.

And now I hold you in my arms, never more to stray,
This Tennessee boy, has come home to stay.
I'm goin to get a house for you me and Bill,
I'm never goin to leave the city of Nashville.

COUNTRY AND WESTERN. Last night I drove to El Paso
Headlights in the night
Why I went there I don't know
I guess it just seemed right.


El Paso Oh El Paso, hot and dusty town,
El Paso Oh El Paso, don't let me down.

Checked into a small motel
Right outside of town.
Ate a little then slept real well
Went to look around.

Found myself a little bar
In this hot and sleepy town
Got myself an ice cold beer
Went and sat right down.

In came a pretty girl
She was so very young,
Said she needed money
So I gave her some.

I found her some food to eat
And said I'd treat her right
She said this was some kind of treat
And we walked into the night.

She said she'd show me the desert
Where the stars shone like moons
We lay and looked at heaven
And made love in the dunes.

But when the air was filled with light
I woke to find myself alone,
Where was my angel of the night
She'd disappeared, just gone.

Now I walk your dusty streets
And call in all your bars
Where is the girl who was so sweet
My little night time star.



See the skirt
See the legs
She's a flirt
I'm gonna beg.

You're the kind of girl I wanna meet
I watch you walking down the street
Dressed so fine, look so good
This little piece fills with blood.

I see you lying by the pool
You always look so fucking cool
I gotta look in your direction
This aint scaffolding I'm erecting.

I see you out every night
Little dress way up tight
You leave my mind all in tatters
You fill my brain with ' country matters

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