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Verse 1
When we were young
And all we saw
Was coloured by the sun
The days were long
The nights were warm
And we would sing our song

I say I love you
You say you too
I see my heaven
In your eyes of blue

Verse 2
Happy days and
Loving nights
We shared beneath our quilt
We never knew
We reached the heights
Never felt no guilt

Verse 3
Now life goes on
And every day
I wonder about you
Was I wrong
When y' went away
And you still loved me true


Verse 1
When you have gone
I sit alone
And think of you
When you have gone
I hold the phone
But it won't be you
When you have gone
I walk the night
And cry my tears
When you have gone
I cannot fight
Away my fears

Verse 2
When you have gone
And I'm alone
And in my bed
When you have gone
I'll be a pawn
Inside your head
When you have gone
I'll curse the sun
And the stars
When you have gone
Nowhere to run
Behind my bars

Verse 3
When you have gone
I'll take my life
In both my hands
When you have gone
Who was my wife
Without the bands
When you have gone
I'll sit right here
And I will cry
When you have gone
I'll shed my tears
And wish I'd died


Whenever you are searching
I'll find you
Whenever you are crying
I'll comfort you
Wherever you are
Near or far
I'll follow my star
To be where you are

Wherever you are hiding
I'll find you
However you are hurting
I'll comfort you
Wherever you are
Near or far
I'll follow my star
To be where you are

Forever together
We will be
Forever lovers
You will see
Wherever you are
Near or far
I'll follow my star
To be where you are


Where do we go from here
The future ain't too clear
Am I gonna fail
Spend my life in jail
If you know
Let me go
Cos I just
Need to know
Won't you just
Bring me a beer
Where do we go from here

Verse 1
To work
To travel
To slog and grind
When will I
Find peace of mind
To love
To fail
To hate and cry
When will I
Learn I mustn't cry

Verse 2
To come
To go
Above and below
When will I
Get my show
To live
To cry
I might
As well die
As life passes me, so slowly by


Who do
You you
Think you
Who do
You you
Think you

Verse 1
You think you're smart
You think you're slick
But I think
You make me sick

Verse 2
You drive around
In your car
Who do you
Think you are

Verse 3
You're getting fat
You're getting slow
Can't you see
You've gotta go

Verse 4
It's all a game
You know the rules
You think that we
Are your fools

Verse 5
You gotta go
We gotta win
So open wide
We're coming in


Verse 1
Who knows what you're doing
Who knows what you feel
Who knows that I love you
And every word's for real

Verse 2
Who cares if you leave me
Who cares if you should go
Who cares if my heart breaks
I'm the only one who'd know

Verse 3
What was it came between us
What was it made you leave
What was it that you did to me
That brought me to my knees

Verse 4
How can I go on living
How can I just keep on
How can I keep on smiling
When I know my lover's gone


Who wants
Busby Berkeley
Who needs I
Yesterdays man
Who cares
Deeds done darkely
You got I
To get while you can.

I know
Ev'rything about you
I've seen
Telling your lies
You see
Nothing I see
I see
Lies in your eyes.

You know
No more waiting
I need
To have you now
Come here
Sit down b'side me
No fear
I'll show you how.

Long nights
Watching daybreak
I see
Moon in your eyes
No more
Lonely nightimes
We'll live I
Under blue skies.


Why didn't I
Ever say
What you meant to me_
Why didn't I
Ever say
Your love set me free_


I need you
To hold me now
When nights are cold and long,
I'll never forget you
I'll never forget you.

Why didn't I
Speak my love
When you were here with me_
Why didn't I
Hold you tight
You'd never have left me.

Why didn't I
I had it all for free_
Why didn't I
See that you
Gave all your love to me


Verse 1
Me and you
In dawn's cold clear light
Is it true
We've been here all night
Soft as sand
Your breath meets morning air
And all around
The power of love
Is in the life we share

Verse 2
You and me
Pilgrims on life's rocky road
We can see
The future and its heavy load
But today
We'll walk on past the flowers
Cos we know
The days of wine and roses
Will soon be ours


My best friends got a girl
And she belongs to me
I laugh just like a human
For anyone to see

I want to rip his throat out
Smash his face to mush
That guy there deserves to die
He's come between us.

Can't she see he's weak and sly
When I'm so good and kind
I want to kill him in her eyes
So the better man she'll find.

That guy he goes back to her room
And climbs into her bed
I want to see that turkey doomed
And me in there instead.

If he thinks I'll forget her
He'd better think again
I ain't gonna fight fair
He don't know bout real men

One day I'll see him in the street
While I'm in my van
I'll squash that worm it'll be real sweet
Cos I'm the better man

Then I'll go to see her
With a great big bunch of flowers
And kiss her and console her
True love will be ours.

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