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I saw his spirit leave him,
As he lay upon the ground,
Best darned dog in Texas,
Always followed me round.

When I brought that dog home
He was just a pup,
My wife had just left,
I was down on my luck,
That little fella licked my face
And ate from my hand,
Me and that dog
We found the promised land.

I remember in the desert,
Out near the Rio Grande,
I was lost and very scared
When my dog took my hand,
He lead me from the burning sand
To the promised land.

And now I've got to bury him
In his own back yard,
Where he used to run and play
It's very very hard,
Can't you see mister,
He was my only friend,
I only hope we meet again
When my lifes at an end.


Catch your eye____
Catch your eye
I've been standing here so long just to catch your eye.

You don't know what you're doing to me
You don't know how it hurts
When I see you
Coming through
My heart beats out of my shirt.


I see your friends and they see me
They think I'm some kinda fool
But can't you see
The need in me
How can I act so cool.


Won't you see me
I'm standing here
Full of love for you
Don't wait too long
My love is strong
Can't you see its true.


And it's long gone The Army
And it's long gone the schools,
It's long gone the hospitals
Why are we all such fools'

They close the hospitals all down
They don't want to keep the schools
They're selling off all our trains
While we all watch like fools.

They've stopped the bus service
The Post Office has gone
Don't ask where the factories where
The men in suits don't care.

They've closed down all the shipyards
You can't buy a British car
We bring in coal from Poland
And still you don't care.

The men in suits they take the bribes
They get away Scott free
What will they leave for us
Where's the hope for you and me.


Dirty little girl
Give your dress a twirl
Put me in whirl
Dirty little girl.

Dress so tight I see your personality
Skirt so short I see my heaven above
Dance so cool I know you're gonna show me
I aint gonna be nobodies fool.


Move so well we'll slip and slide together
I'm gonna sweat but you you're gonna glow
Move so close you' re nearly inside me
I'm never gonna let you go.


Bump and work that old meat grinder
I'm turning into sausage meat
My love will grow harder and higher
Your love (juice) tastes so sweet.


In the light of day you'll go and remember
The sweat and the smell
It may be cold as December
But girl didn't I love you well.


You excite me,
At the door,
You excite me,
On the floor,
You excite me, Alright,
You excite me through the night.

Come inside my little room
The curtains are drawn,
There is just enough room,
Come to me now,
Let me feel,
If your love for me is real.

Come to me little chair,
Look around,
There is no one there,
Come to me now,
Let me see if your love can set me free.

Come to my little bed
We've talked too long,
Enoughs been said,
Take your clothes off,
Yes right now
Let my body show you how.


Verse 1
They used to say you were my friend
But now they say no more
Now they say it has to end
And that we must go to war

Verse 2
But I knew you when we knew love
Burned hot within our hearts
Now they say they've had enough
And we both must part

Verse 3
But memory like golden thread
Still binds you to me
While time and tides run through my head
I'll never set them free

Verse 4
As long as love lives in my dreams
I'll hold my love for you
Life and love will be my team
I'll not be untrue


Verse 1
We did it in the morning
We did it through the night
We did it in the sunshine
And bycandlelight

Verse 2
We did it in the bedroom
We did it on the floor
We did it in a cupboard
We always wanted more

Verse 3
We did it standing up straight
We did it bending down
We did it in the country
We did it in the town

Verse 4
But now that we're older
And the kids are out the door
Oh I wish we did it
Just a little more


We gotta get outta here
We need to see it through
We gotta leave the fear
Want to make a new start with you

Verse 1
Too long living
Under the sun
Too long waiting
It hasn't come
Waiting and waiting
Time passes slow
Why are we waiting
We gotta go!

Verse 2
Too long hiding
Seeing no sun
Too long waiting
Nothing's begun
No more waiting
Get up and go
No hesitating
It's time to go


Verse 1
A night of passion
A night of bliss
I was born
For such a night as this
A night to remember
A night without fear
But when the dawn comes
Will you still be here

Verse 2
All night long
I cling to your side
Nothing between us
Nowhere to hide
A night of loving
I never saw a tear
But when the dawn comes
Will you still be here

Verse 3
I can't believe
You by my side
Without our clothes
Nowhere to hide
No trace of nerves
When you are near
But when the dawn comes
Will you still be here


Verse 1
When the passion burns
And the fever's hot
Hold me girl
Feel what I've got
When the spirit moves
And the clothing falls
I need you
I want you all

Don't forget that I'm your man
I am here close at hand
Hold on til tomorrow
If you can

Verse 2
When the night is cold
Just hold me
We'll get hot
Just wait and see
I feel your tongue
I feel your lips
Rock and roll
Use those hips

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