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Go ah you're my star,
00 ah we'll go far,
Don't you bother what they say,
00 ah do you like my car,
00 ah it's so hard,
Come and go with me today.

I saw you in the Launderette
Washing in the drier
Said you're the tines: vet
I'm gonna light your fire

Went back to your place
Got something to eat
Couldn't stop looking at your face
Knelt down at your feet.

Went out to the club with you
Bought all the drinks
You're the best girl I ever knew
Don't care what they think.

Now me and you we are a team
The best in the land
And you and me we got a dream
Come and take my hand.


(Each of 1st 3 lines sung my someone different 4th line sung by all)

Verse 1
This little piggy went to college
This little piggy went to school
But this little piggy made lots of money
Because he played it cool

Verse 2
This little piggy was clever
This little piggy was no fool
But this little piggy made lots of money
Because he played it cool

Verse 3
This little piggy got shafted
This little piggy turned gay
But this little piggy made lots of money
He knew how to play

Verse 4
The moral of the story's simple
The moral of the story's clear
If you want to make money
You should get away from here


Time and time again
You tell me you're my friend
But my lover, you'll never be,
Time and time again
You say it has to end
You say that you need to be free.

But I can't slip away
No matter what you say
My love can only grow, its true,
Time and time again
You say it has to end
You say I'm not right for you.

Won't you listen to my song
It'll be here when I've gone
Whilst it lives so will my love,
Time and time again
Till sun and stars end
I'll say you are my only love.


Verse I
Too many days
Too many ways
I think I tried them all
You think I'd
Know better now
My back's against the wall

Verse 2
Too many nights
Too many sights
I want to forget
How come I
Never learnt
We don't need regrets

Verse 3
Too many times
I changed my mind
Tried to call you
The only one
In the days that are gone
That I loved was you


Verse 1
Tossin' and turnin'
We spend the night
But come the dawn
You'll hold me tight

Verse 2
Tossin' and turnin'
You live in a dream
Where no-one is
Just what they seem

Verse 3
Tossin' and turnin'
You turn your head
Hair on my pillow
Love's words unsaid

Verse 4
Tossin' and turnin'
You open your eyes
Please let there be
No more lies

Verse 5
Tossin' and turnin'
We hold so tight
God please help me
Through just one more night


I carved your name upon a seat
I didn't know you had me beat
You could've made my life complete
But all I got was trick or treat

Verse 1
Too many times
Too many days
Too many wasted pointless ways
You wanted everything so neat
But all I got was trick or treat

Verse 2
Too many nights
Too many fights
Never got to see the heights
You wanted everything so neat
But all I got was trick or treat

Verse 3
Now I'm walking
Out the door
Couldn't stand to stay no more
Learned at last to know the score
You were just a little bore


Turn round my love
I don't want you to go
Turn round my love
I know that you know
Turn round my love
Look and you will see
Turn round my love
And see the love in me

Turn back my love
Don't walk through that door
Turn back my love
I can't take any more
Turn back my love
I can never set you free
Turn back my love
And see the love in me

Turn about my love
And walk back into my arms
Turn back my love
You'll never come to harm
Turn back my love
You can never set me free
Turn back my love
And see the love in me.


Uncross your legs
And listen to me
This is how
Its goin to be
No more talk
No more sorrow
No more walks
No tomorrow.

Unless I get
Some of you
You and me
Gonna be through
No more sitting
No more sighs
No more making

Here's my arms
Waiting for you
Want your charms
Coming through
No more dresses
No more skirts
No more stresses
No more flirts

Want to see you
In my head
Just can't get you
Outa my head
No more stops
No more waits
Now I'm hot
It's too late.


Don't think I don't love you
When I walk out the door
Don't think I don't love you
I couldn't love you more.

There was a time when all the days Were filled with love and light
Nothing seemed to bother us
We loved every night
But now the days have grown so cold
I feel it in my heart
How your love just grows old
Do we have to part.

I think it's best if I should go
I can't stay on no more
The cold is getting to my heart
I see the open door
But if you should ever change your mind
Just pick up the phone
I know you are not unkind
I know you loved our home.

Just one last time before I go
I'll blink away the tears
Remember how I loved you so
For all the happy years
Now I must go
And you must stay
But if you change your mind
Call me back anyday
And a warm love you'll find.


Where is it now
The glory and the dream
The things that I saw
Are not what they seem.

When I left school
I was just eighteen
And I was full of life
The things I saw were not what they seemed
And I went and got me a wife.

The job I got
Paid real well
It didn't need much thought,
Two years later
It seemed like hell
And I was good and caught.

We got a flat small and neat
We got a kid on the way
And along the way the money got tight
So I upped and ran away.

And now you see me ten years on
A bitter lonely man
How did the dreams of yesterday
Run through my hand like sand.

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