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Verse 1
Take me back
To your love
To your arms
Take me back
And keep me
From harm
Take me back
'fore I go
Quite insane
Take me back
Take me

Verse 2
Hold on
To my love
Don't let go
Hold on
Cos you know
It will grow
Hold on
Keep me warm
Hold me tight
Hold on
Through the hours
Of the night

Verse 3
Keep on
Show me
Best you can
Keep on
Make me
Better man
Keep on
And you know
It's OK
Keep on
Keeping on
Every day


I was looking through the window
A strange thing I could see
A man moved in front of me
And dropped down to his knees
His words were very quiet
And I could hardly hear
But when he looked straight at me
The ghost I saw was me.

At first I couldn't move
And then he took my hand
He lead me through my open door
To another land
There I saw a body
Bleeding by a tree
And when I looked down at it
The ghost I saw was me.

Oh God Oh my God
Will you do this to me
I thought that you loved me
Was I too blind to see
I only try to help
I try to set them free
And now you take my life away
For all the world to see
I'm looking at myself now
And the ghost I see is me.


The hands of time have touched your face
The girl I knew is gone
The days of fire are long gone now
The race we ran is won.

But sometimes when I see you
The girl is all I see
And all the years that passed us by
Set free the boy in me

The children came and needed love
And money never stayed for long
The debts we paid and love we made
Kept us going strong

And now we sit and take stock
Of all the things we've done
The boy and girl are long gone now
But we know we've won


Verse 1
Don't take me now
For I ain't ready
Don't take me now
Don't wanna go
Don't take my life
It's all too early
So many things
I need to know

But they tied his hands
Behind his back
And tied his feet too
Put a blindfold
Round his eyes
And covered up the blue

Verse 2
Don't take me now
For I didn't do it
Don't take me now
I'm much too young
I'm so afraid
I'll be a coward
God don't let me
Be trussed and hung

Verse 3
They took the poor
And fearful boy
They took his young
And sacred life
They did it all
In the name of justice
Ain't you ashamed
Of your life


The killing fields of Kensal Green
Aren't so calm as they seem
The pleasant parts of Paddington
Don't feel so good now you have gone
The benches out in Berkeley Square
Are empty now you' re not there
The empty bed in Boundary Close
Is empty now and mocks us both.


Oh won't you come home to me
I miss you so, can't you see
All the places we once knew
Are empty now without you.

The little pub in Chelsea
Is empty without you and me
The silent Thames passes by
To old to see me stand and cry
The Northern Line comes and goes
What it sees, no one knows.
Our litle flat is all forelorn
Won't you please come on home.


The last word in love
The first word in pain
I couldn't stand the hurt
If you left me again.


The phone rings
There's no one there
You go out
I don't know where
Do you know you break my heart
Please please don't let us part

The last word in pain
The first word in love
I couldn't stand the pain
If I lost your love.

The last word in light
The first word in black
I couldn't stand the night
If you didn't come back.


Verse 1
The night was made for loving
So why
Why do I
Sit and cry
Tell me why

Why aren't we together
Why aren't we as one
You said you'd love me forever
But now I know you're gone

Verse 2
The night was made for loving
Can't you see
What you do to me
Just can't be
Ever free

Verse 3
The night was made for loving
Can't you tell
I ain't well
A soul to sell
I'm in hell


Verse 1
The one I love
Is gone from me
I see her here
Like you see me

Verse 2
She had a man
Upon her arm
The talk was sweet
Full of charm

Verse 3
I hated him
I hated her
I fear I'll kill
If I stay here

Verse 4
So down the road
I'm gonna go
Where I'll end up
I don't know

Verse 5
Remember me
When by the fire
You learn your lover
Is another liar


Verse 1
There's a darkness in your heart
I never saw it start
When did you stop loving me
I just can't set you free

Verse 2
There was a time I knew all about you
And you lived in my heart
I always thought about you
But I didn't see it start

Verse 3
And now I know it was for nothing
The years are all gone by
The steel of love was rusting
In the salt tears that I cry

Verse 4
I need you more than words can say
I miss you through the night
Why did you have to go away
And leave me on this dark and stormy night


How are you gonna see
There's a better side of me
How you gonna come home
When you wanna be alone

Verse 1
I saw you and
I just knew
I was gonna fall
In love with you
But I'm so shy
And you are so hot
Just look at all
The friends you got

Verse 2
I made a plan
Can't you see
Gotta get you right
Up close to me
Saw my chance
For a date
Got it on
Before too late

Verse 3
Let you in
A crowded bar
Couldn't talk
Couldn't get far
Asked if you
Would come outside
Use my car
Take a ride

Verse 4
All night long
Along the sea
You just sat
Next to me
Come the dawn
Come the day
By my side
You gonna stay

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