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Golden gleams shine from your hair
Your sleeping face is like a dream
I watch you sleep without a care
The most beautiful girl I've ever seen


Don't ever go
I need you so
In sunshine and in darkness
I know our love will grow.

My heart will break if you go
Your sleeping face is lovely
Can I tell you I love you so
Or will my words fail me.

You sleep but are you dreaming
Will you ever dream of me
I want to wake you as I'm leaving
I have to go and work you see.

Please stay with me till night
I need to know you love me
Your face in the suns dying light
Is the sight I want to see.



Don't leave me now,
Without a goodbye,
When I need you more than ever,
Don't you know that I need you
Like a flower needs the rain,
Don't you go and leave me with this pain.

When I first met you,
I didn't really care,
Just wanted to play and have some fun,
But my play was just sand
Trickling through your hand,
You came to be my early morning sun.

I was a little boy,
I played with my toys,
I didn't want to share my life with you,
But you came along,
And taught me your song,
Don't leave me now, Stay where you belong.

Please let that taxi go
Don't go out the door,
Without you the house is not a home,
If you go away,
I'll die a little every day,
I need you more than ever here today.


Where has it gone
The passion the pain
Days when the sun
Followed the rain
Where have they gone
The days that we knew
When the sun always shone
On me and you.

Where have they gone
The friends that we knew
When money was easy
And problems were few
Where have they gone
Will we see them again
Days without sun
Eyes filled with pain.

Where has she gone
The girl that I loved
To bring back the sun
Bring back the love
Will she come home
Where could she be
My days are all empty
When she's not with me.


Stay with me
Oh oh stay with me now
Stay, won't you stay, with me.

You came for an hour
Stayed for a while
And my heart
Beat went wild

You got me some pride girl
My confidence grew
You started to stay girl
I started to love you.

Before too long you'd moved right in
Your pots and your pans
Knew how to treat me
My heart was in your hands.

Now you've grown cold
Don't laugh anymore
I know I've seen you
Looking at the door.

Now you've gone and told me
You'll soon be moving on
You say the love we had
Has withered up and gone.



You've got a beautiful body,
You've got beautiful hair,
I want to make you my hobby,
If you really care.

Saw you walking towards me,
You looked so fine,
Knew I needed you close to me,
Knew you were gonna be mine.

Got you to dance close to me,
Walked you home,
Told you I was gonna be
Calling on your phone.

I walk so proud with you,
On the street,
Don't know where we're goin
But it's gonna be sweet.


Give me that wall of sound,
It's the best sound around,
I need to hear that noise,
Like the girls need the boys,


And what I have to say,
Is play it every day,

Give me that sixties beat,
I wanna stamp my feet,
I don't wanna hear no strings,
Or the fat guy when he sings.

Give me that heavy drumming,
There s a new world a commin,
Don't want no old Grandma,
Playin in my car.


There's only one thing to remember
The rest of it ain't real
The one thing to remember
Is only love is real

Verse 1
In future days
We'll look back on these times
Of pain and hurt and tears
In future days
We'll remember these times
And laugh at our fears

Verse 2
When we're old and the kids are gone
And we're walking hand in hand
You'll remember what I told you
In younger days now gone
You'll remember how I held you
On stormy nights so long


Verse 1
When I left home
I got a date
My papa said
Don't stay out too late
He took me home
Put grits on the griddle
But you know
I went straight down the middle
Straight down the middle
Is all she blew
And that's where I'm going with you

Verse 2
When I left work
Nowhere to go
My boss's wife said
Don't be slow
She took me home
To play my fiddle
But you know me
I went straight down the middle
Straight down the middle
Is all she blew
And that's where I'm going with you

Verse 3
I got to thirty
Played around
My new friend said
Just don't get found
She cooked my food
It started to sizzle
But you know me
I went straight down the middle
Straight down the middle
Is all she blew
And that's where I'm going with you

Verse 4
Now I'm wed
I've got a wife
But you know
I got no strife
Cos you know
Life ain't no riddle
And you know me
I went straight down the middle
Straight down the middle
Is all she blew
And that's where I'm going with you


Verse 1
Summertime love
Gonna be alright
Summertime love
Through the night
Summertime love
Got a hold on me
Summertime love
Won't you let me be

Verse 2
Wintertime love
Warm night
Wintertime love
Gonna be alright
Wintertime love
Stokes the fire
Wintertime love
Takes me higher

Verse 3
Springtime love
Like leaves on trees
Springtime love
Like birds and bees
Springtime love
Drives a man insane
Springtime love
Gotta do it again


Super slick and superfine
I can't get you outa my mind,

I love the shiny clothes you wear
Love the way you do your hair,

I know you think I'm cool and strong
You couldn't be much more wrong,

When I see a girl as cool as you
My tongue don't know what to do,

So when I see you I can't talk
All I do is smile and walk,

At night I lay in my bed
And think of things I should have said,

If I were to write to you
Would you think I was a fool,

It's very hard when you're shy
And day by day the chances fly,

In my dreams I talk to you
It's very easy but it's not true,

So will you please come out with me
And let this tongue tied fool go free.

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