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Verse 1
Shot through the heart
You shot me with love's dart
I want to be your lover
You're never gonna need another
I'm shot through the heart

Verse 2
Shot through the heart
I don't know where to start
You just came in a dream
That's how it's always seemed
I'm shot through the heart

Verse 3
Shot through the heart
You're tearing me apart
You know that I love you
What am I supposed to do
I'm shot through the heart


Verse 1
Shut the door
Kill the light
You're staying here tonight
No more girlish kisses
No little girl fights
Just lay down here
Here by my side
And you'll be a woman tonight

Verse 2
When the dawn
Lights the sky
Just look in my eye
No more lonely nights
You know I don't lie
Just stay with me
By my side
And you'll be a woman tonight


CHORUS Douyoureally
Doyoureally Doyoureally want me

Do you want me to stay
Do you want me to go
You just got to tell me
Cos I need to know.

Shall I go
Shall I stay
Say the word
And I'll go away

Do you need me still
Do you need my love
Do you think I'll go
With nothing to prove.

Do you still dream
Do you still scheme
Am I ever gonna be
A part of your scheme.

Will you miss me at night
Will you miss me in bed
Will you ever come back
Is it something I said.

I want to stay
I don't want to go
Give me a chance
Cos I love you so.


Verse 1
Running through a crowded yard
Trying to catch my bus
Girl I had a flashback
Days of fun and us
Stood still on the spot
Looking like a fool
Maybe no-one saw me
Maybe the whole damn school

Sing that song again now
Love will set me free
Sing me that song now
It's got a hold on me

Verse 2
Went right back to sunny days
Lying in the woods
Days when sun always shone
Days when things were good
Where are you now
Where are you
Man I need to know
Who lies beside you

Verse 3
Gotta get myself together
Go and look for you
Don't care how far I go
Cos of my love for you
And when I find you
And your eyes of flame
I'll hold you tight to me
And I'll call your name


Verse 1
Sitting in your bedroom
I see a button come undone
Winking in the firelight
Man you are a sight
Do you want me to come in
Stay til night has gone
Stay here by your side
On the old magic carpet ride

Can't you see we're taking
A magic carpet flight
Hold me in the fireglow
Hold me through the night

Verse 2
Sit right there don't go
I've gotta take it slow
Clear my buzzing head
Re-hear what you said
Is this an open door
Do you want some more
God what should I do
I feel my arms round you


SPOKEN INTRO. Some day, when you've gone,
It's cold and dark and nights are long,
The lonely hours just stretch ahead,
And I can't face my lonely bed,
I'll think back to happy days,
And easy gentle sunny ways,
And know that I loved you
You were my Princess of the Night.


Oh how I loved you
Through the days and nights,
How I loved you,
My Princess of the Night.

And now the coals fall from the dying fire,
And the night grows cold,
I miss your arms yours sighs your eyes
A love once young has now grown old

And in the morning in the sun
I'll sit and wonder why,
How a love so strong and young
Could wither up and die.

In the evening and in the rain
I'll sit and I'll cry,
How can I bear such pain
Like our love I'll die.


I've wanted her for such a long long time
She is so fine
I'll make her mine,
I want her arms round me now.

I've been on my own for so so long,
Singing my song,
Trying to be strong,
I need her warmth around me now.

For so long I waited but nothing I heard,
No not a word,
Nothing we shared,
I need her smiling at me now.

In a little while I'll walk to the park,
Though it is dark,
It's always her park,
I need her love around me now.

Then one day I'll get a phone call or something,
Just one thing,
I'm hoping,
I need her back with me now.


At three O'clock I remember
In that dark and lonely time
The people who travelled
On my life's mainline,
Many now have gone away
Their faces like pointing signs
That'll never see the day.

In the early hours
I remember places,
Some around but others gone
Fading with old friends faces
Helping hands that suffered long
And kindness spat in their faces
Was I their only son '

Before the dawn I hear their voices
Talking to me from the shadows
I'll tell them that I had no choices
Where others went I just followed
Help me beat the nights cold forces
If you lead I will follow.


Broken dreams
Like broken toys
Shattered loves
Forgotten joys
Empty homes
Tear stained nights
Slammed doors
No more fights.

What did they do to you
How could they hurt us so
We all know it's true
It's time for them to go.

We once
Had it all
Sun shone
Had a ball
Looked to see
The rising sun
We thought
We had won.

How can we let them stay
Hurt us
Another day
Till their lies
Cheat our old
Help me
To despise
Promises we ' re told
Got to Get rid of them
Stupid wives and greedy men
No more please. (SLOWER)


Verse 1
So I walked into the Palace
And I said to the queen
Man there's something wrong here
You've got loads'o'money
And I can't buy a beer
How about a little loan
A little cash that's all
And then I'm out your home
Don't need to search your soul

So I walked into the White House
And I said to the man
Man there's something wrong here
You've got loads of power
And I ain't got no land
How about a little loan
A little cash that's all
And then I'm out your home
Don't need to search your soul

Verse 3
So I walked into the Vatican
And I said to the Pope
Man there's something wrong here
You've got loads of status
And I ain't got no hope
How about a little loan
A little cash that's all
And then I'm out your home
Don't need to search your soul

Verse 4
And no-one gave me money
And no-one wished me luck
Did it get me down
No I don't give a
How about a little loan
A little cash that's all
And then I'm out your home
Don't need to search your soul

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