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One day they'll know I was a big star,
They said I never would go far,
See me now,
In my car,
This is how,
You go far!

Look at you with your stupid small town ways,
Too small for me you're always in a daze,
See me now,
On the beach,
Oh I'm so,
Out of reach!

Your grey small ways just got me down,
I couldn't wait to get out of town,
See me now,
See my home,
You will never,
Get to roam!

But I know that I'm just dreaming again,
I'm broke and down and no one knows my name,
But one day,
I'll go far,
Cos I'll be
A great big star!


Only till daybreak
Only till dawn
Lie here beside me
Silent and warm
Only till daybreak
Only till dawn
Then you must go
Back to your home.

I thought I knew all there was to know
I thought I knew it all
But you came and called to me
You taught me to stand tall.

I grew to love the tender nights
I grew to love you
But now he's back and you say
Our lovin nights are through.

All I need's a little strength
All I need is you
Give me strength to keep you here
Cos all I need is you.


Verse 1
Some like to rock
Some like to roll
Me I just want
To have a ball


Verse 2
You like to rock
I like to roll
Together we're
Gonna have a ball


Verse 3
Some like to slip
Some like to slide
Me I just want
To grab you and hide



The girl beneath the skin.
You thought the years had passed you by
Sitting on a shelf
You never thought you'd touch the sky
Never thought you'd find yourself__

A kindly man
Who'd understand
The girl beneath the skin

The golden prize faded
And dreams turned to dust
Too many nights alone in tears
Life never was too just.
You need___

But the passion never died
It simply just got lost
And the tears that you cried
Awoke the dust
Of a


In a sea of oil
On an island of coal
All the kids
Are on the dole.


We all want work,
We don't want schemes
Give us jobs
That pay more than beans.

In the sea were fish
On the land were mines
Where are they now '
Just read the Times.

Our parents used to know
They had jobs for years,
Till Whitehall gave us
Tears and fears.

See the fat cats
In their fat cars
They don't know about broken dreams
And kids behind bars.


Verse 1
Put out my fire
I'm no liar
I burn for your love
Put out my fire
Take me higher
Take me up above

Verse 2
Put out my eyes
If I tell lies
I need your love
Put out my eyes
Just sympathies
Don't drive me away today

Verse 3
Put out my heart
If we should part
Can't live without you
Put out my heart
Just can't start
A life without you


Even in the darkest night
My love for you will hold you tight
You know it's gonna be alright
By me

Verse 1
Too many days
Too many nights
I cried alone for you
You'd gone away
As if to say
Your love for me was through

Verse 2
I count the ways
I spend my days
Dreaming of your kiss
But you were gone
All summer long
Must it end like this

Verse 3
Now you are here
I've lost my fear
My world rests on you
Here by me
Can't you see
My love for you is true


Sexy sixteen
You know what I mean
No beauty queen
New on the scene
You're the best I've seen
You know what I mean
Sexy sixteen

Verse 1
Only just left school
Skirt too short
Don't need no rules
Gonna see the world
Leave the rest at home
You're a girl
Who is gonna roam
Sexy sixteen


Verse 2
Can't you see me
Standing here
Face all flushed
And full of beer
Can I get my
Hands on you
Have some fun
This sort's new
Sexy sixteen



Sharon and Gail aren't too good at school,
Don't want to be no teachers fool,
All they wanna do is play, play the night away
Sharon and Gail don't see the point of school.

Don't want to go to school today,
Sharon and Gail are going away,
Going where the. light are bright,
Going to find those boys to night.

What is the point of going today,
It's humiliation every way,
Teachers have no time for them,
They don't care that they want men,
Sharon and Gail don't want to stay.


Sharon and Gail stay out tonight,
Take off their clothes, put out the light,
Jake and Dean slip and slide,
keep those legs open wide,
Sharon and Gail stay out all night.


She came along to see us play,
Then hung around, wouldn't go away,
Said she'd got nowhere to stay,
Stay with me till next day.


Girl you're alright
I need you so
When I turn out the light
I feel so low

(second fourth and fifth lines of chorus should be quiet)

My one thought was only this,
To spend some time, steal a kiss,
But it turned out you were the one,
I'd waited for for oh so long.

Another town another date,
Another strange and lonely place,
A hotel room s no place to be,
I want you, beside me.

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