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Verse 1
As a cloud upon a blue sky
As a shadow in your eye

My love it grows and grows
Like a memory of a rose
In your hair

Verse 2
As larks song in a clear dawn
As my love grows for you

Verse 3
When I slip by your soft skin
Open up and let me in


You know,
Just what it is I would die for,
Just what it is that I cry for,
What it was that you lied for.


My friend the night
I always bring you my fears,
You take away all my fears,
Will you make it come right '

You know
The one I loved is gone
How dark clouds hide the sun
Just as my life had begun.



My love for you shines like the sun
On early morning flowers,
And like the buds our love will bloom
These sunny days are ours.


And I will love you my love
Till all the seas run dry
And rivers run uphill my love
I'll love you till I die.

My love for you is like a gem
That flashes like a flame,
And I'll still love you when
The churchyard knows my name.

And when we're old and we think back
Of the years we 'ye spent together,
The time will have passed in a flash
I'll love you my love for ever.


Verse 1
Never known so fine a day
All the clouds have blown away
I know why I feel so free
It's because you're here with me

Verse 2
Never known the sun so hot
Am happy with my lot
I got you and you got me
We never want to be set free

Verse 3
Girls have come and girls have gone
I've looked for you all life long
But now you're here as I can see
Never going to leave me

Verse 4
The wind can blow and rain can pour
We're safe and warm behind our door
I'm just so happy like you can see
It's because you're here with me


The chimes at midnight fleeting
Another year is passing
But you only bring me
Solace in a glass.
My life grows old before me
Wasted with the memory
Of one more blighted love song
Another year has passed.

And you, you cheat my dreaming
Never aged or wearing
What use is a dream to me
When it cannot last.
Your life it turns serenely
Your passions end so cleanly
A rough diamond I may be
But I'm stuck here in your past.


Verse 1
I thought I knew the night
I thought I knew you too
But I am in the right
When I say we're through

Verse 2
You thought no-one would see
You thought no-one would hear
But you never thought of me
You never could feel fear

Verse 3
You see other guys
Hidden by the night
Then you tell me lies
But I've got night sight

Verse 4
I'm gonna know the day
Don't want no moonlight date
You thought I only played
But you found out too late


Verse 1
Old friends
Is what we will be
Not lovers
You tell me

Verse 2
Old friends
All passion spent
I wonder
Where it all went

Verse 3
Old friends
Sit under a tree
Just talking
Of what couldn't be

Verse 4
Old friends
Go wandering home
Small worlds
Always alone

Verse 5
Old friends
Don't want to be
Dream of your body
Alone with me

Verse 6
Old friends
Soft in the head
If I can't have you
I'd rather be dead


Verse 1
Every dead thing
Adores your name
Every dead thing
Loves your fame
Every dead thing
Wants something new
Especially if
It is from you

Verse 2
Every dead thing
Hears your songs
Every dead thing
Knows you do no wrong
Every dead thing
Wants something new
Especially if
It is from you

Verse 3
Every dead thing
Loves your voice
Every dead thing
Has no choice
Every dead thing
Thinks you're a bore
Every dead thing
Can't take no more
Every dead thing
Wants something new
But they won't
Get it from you


Verse 1
You'll know it always lies
And then
You turn and look into my eyes
You'll say
I lost my world in your eyes
One day
You'll see the world through my eyes

Won't you learn to love someone
Please try to love someone
Not too late to love someone
Can I be that someone

Verse 2
One day when we are old and we are grey
I'll say
I couldn't let you get away
No way
I was ever leaving you
You know
I was always true to you

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