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Verse 1
I loved you like no tomorrow
But tomorrow's here today
And where are you my love
Now you've gone away

Verse 2
I loved you like the sunrise
On a bright new desert day
But where are you my love
You said you'd always stay

Verse 3
I loved you like life itself
Your love filled my head
What am I to do now
Now that you are dead


Verse 1
When I talk to you
All I want of you
Is to listen to my story
When the day's gone wrong
And the night's too long
Won't you listen to my story
When the fool's just jeer
And you are here
I need to tell my story
Won't you listen to my story

Verse 2
What I need to tell
'Bout my time in hell
Won't you listen to my story
Now there's no-one here
I feel my fear
I need to tell my story
Of days gone by
And living a lie
I hate to tell my story
But hold me tight
All through the night
And we'll write a whole
new story


You may be a little sister
But you're playing big girl's games
I am your sister's Mr
And you're going down in flames


Don't need no children
Messing with my head
You know you're too young
To share a grown up bed

I love your big sister
You gotta get it through your head
I've gone and chosen a woman
Don't want a girl instead

I know that you're sweet 16
With a figure oh so tight
But its with your big sister
That I'm gonna spend the night

So farewell little sister
Go to your lonely bed
Dream of your tomorrows
Learn to wait instead


Verse 1
London, Paris, New York, Debden
Sleep with me and go to heaven
Boston, Toulon, Melbourne, your school
Can't you see I ain't your fool

The world's at our door
Can't wait anymore
With you by my side
We're gonna hide

Verse 2
Epsom, Sydney, Berlin, Preston
Come on quick or I can't hold on
Pittsburg, Cairo, Rome, Reading
Come on now don't keep me waiting

Verse 3
Memphis, Glasgow, KL, Dublin
Now I'm here I've got to come in
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Just come here and learn it my way

LOUD SONG (1 st and 3 rd lines sound as long as 2 nd and 4 th lines)

Verse 1
Please'' your eyes
You''''will see the lies
Now'''..listen to me
You'll'''never be free

Verse 2
Look'''.see what they've done
Hear'''.the talk of the gun
Where''.are we to go
That'''.what we must know

Verse 3
Lies'''.are all we hear
Love'''never so near
Now'''you turn to me
Ask'''.why we're not free

Verse 4
Go'''.'fore it's too late
I'm'''..lost to my fate
You'''run for the sun
'Fore''..All hope is gone


Verse 1
They say that love is blind
But I don't really mind
What I get from you
Don't need no help to find

Verse 2
They say that love is king
That it makes you sing
Well when I'm with you
I love your everything

Verse 3
They say that love cools
But I don't buy their rules
If I were cool to you
Man I'd be a fool

Verse 3
They say that love is dead
What they got in their head
Cos it's real enough
When I get in your bed


Verse I
When we were young
We walked all night
Through the streets of Madrid
Those days are gone
And you were right
I can't take back what I did

You held my hand
I kiss your lips
We walked and talked together
But time is sand
We let it slip
Gently through our fingers

Verse 2
Now you are gone
And I am alone
I walk the night apart
I remember sun
And how you'd known
I would break your heart


Make my day ay ay
Make my day
I want you over here

I know you wanna take my girl away
I know you think its fair
I know you been lookin her way
Just listen what I say
Make my day Etc.

You think you've been gettin away
You think you've been smart
You think you can go and play
With my baby's heart

I'm gonna show you how it is
I'm gonna show you good
I'm gonna sow you what I mean
I'm gonna show you blood.


Melissa's eyes are full of lies,
She ties me down with sex and sighs.
She tells me I'm her only lover,
She doesn't know I sleep with her mother.


Keep it in the family,
Keep it in the family,
Do what you want with anyone,
but keep it in the family.

My brother Ted don't know I know,
What he's doing with her,
He's never seen me on the floor,
With his girlfriend Clare.

Melissa thinks she knows it alt,
Between the sheets and against the wall,
But I keep one step ahead,
Lying in their family bed.


Memories are all I have
Memories of you
Memories of happy days
When our love grew

Verse 1
I see your face
Before me now
I see your eyes of blue
Now you're gone
I don't know where
What am I to do

Verse 2
I feel your skin
Through my hands
So warm and so sweet
I kiss your lips
In my mind
Make my dream complete

Verse 3
But here I am
In my cell
Looking at four walls
I've nothing left
Just a thought
That once I had it all

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