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It is dark
And I know
That I can'ty
Let you go
Cos I know oh oh
Yes I know oh oh
Yes I know oh oh that I love you.

It is cold
In my heart
We're apart
Cos I know etc.

Girl I'm scared
No one knows
How the fear
In me grows
But I know etc.

Give me strength
Give me heart
We must never
Be apart
Cos etc.

Won't you stay
Oh please stay
Don't you ever
Go away
Cos etc.


It is time that you came
Life for you is just a game,
It is time for you to come
Come to me no time to run.

I am tired of chasing you,
Come to me, lets get rude,
Don't you run, don't you hide,
Come to me I need a ride.

Get those shoes off your feet,
Come to me and feel the heat,
There's no need to wear that skirt
Come to me don't be a flirt.

I don't want you over there,
Come to me let down your hair,
I don't want no clothes on you
Come to me, I'm no prude..

I don't want you sitting down,
Come to me see what I've found,
This thing over here's a bed,
Come to me and rest your head.

Now you're lying safe and sound
Come to me, see what I've found,
If we put it just like that,
Come to me my pussy cat.


Verse 1
It's coming at you
Outta the rain
Just stand still
Feel no pain
Gets you here
Gets you there
Gets you most

Verse 2
It's coming at you
Hard and low
Can't you feel
It's time to go
Catch you here
Catch you there
Can' t you see
We' re going somewhere

Verse 3
It's coming at you
You can't run
No need to use
Your daddy's gun
Find you then
Find you now
Then we'll use
Your know how

Verse 4
It's coming at you
It'll catch you dead
Then you'll think
'Bout what I said
Gotta get out
Gotta go far
Gonna need
The old man's car
Gonna need
The old man's car


Verse 1
It's only love
Can make the earth quake
It's only love
Can part the sea
It's only love
That makes my heart break
It's only love
'Tween you and me

Verse 2
It's only love
Can bring the sun rise
It's only love
Can stop the rain
It's only love
I see in your eyes
It's only love
Can stop the pain

Verse 3
It's only you
And I forever
It's only you
And I today
It's only you
You are my lover
It's only you
And I will stay


Lying on the sidewalk
Bleeding life away
Did you know the dream was over
Did you feel it slip away.

Never hurt nobody
One of the boys
Never wanted fame
And rich mens idle toys.

We knew were you were from
We all knew your words
Lying there dying
Did it seem absurd.

A cold hard sidewalk
A small group of fans
Was anyone close enough
Did anyone hold your hand.

All you were saying
Was give peace a chance
All we were giving
Was ripped from your hands.

Now You're gone
But you live still
In the words of songs
No one can kill.


Verse 1
Just a
Small cog in a
Big wheel
Just a
Quick grope
And a
Sly feel

You always told me how to feel
You didn't tell me it was for real

Verse 2
I'm a
Big kid in a
Small land
I'm a
Big boy
But I
Look like a man

Verse 3
You're a
Round peg in a
Square hole
You're a
Bad girl
Who lost
All control


Played fast

You can make the sun shine
You can make it rain
If you can do anything
Just do that again.

You can make the birds sing
You can make 'em crow
If you can make anything
Just make it grow.

You can bring the stars out
You can make it cloud
If you can do anything
Just don't bring a crowd.

You and I can live as one
You and I can scream
If you and I can do it
Let's live in a dream.


Can't stand being faceless anymore,
In my mind I know that I'm not poor,
All I need is some belief and direction,
Just have to make that first connection.

Can't work in that library anymore,
want those girls knocking at my door,
Just want to lie around the pool,
If I don't make it I'm a fool.


In my dreams I've found my fame,
The whole world now knows my name,
If only they could see the pain,
Just like River Phoenix.

I'll grab my glory while I can,
I refuse to die a small grey man,
I want to burn like a superstar,
In my dreams I've got that far.


Verse I
I was born in Georgia
The son of a free man
Made my home in Georgia
Did the best I can

Verse 2
Easy times in Georgia
Soon came to an end
There was a band in Georgia
Took away my friends

Verse 3
Quiet times in Georgia
Is what we need to see
Couldn't last in Georgia
'Came to look for me

Verse 4
A real fine place is Georgia
Til you gotta run
Gotta go leave Georgia
Before I get hung

Verse 5
Dream of nights in Georgia
Lazing in the back
But you know in Georgia
You gotta watch your back

Verse 6
Want to die in Georgia
Loved and in my bed
But I can't in Georgia
I'm cold but I ain't dead


Lightening never strikes twice
But I wouldn't take no advice
Till I touched your heart of ice

Verse 1
I didn't think
I didn't care
I just wanted to feel your hair
So different
In every way
But you and she
You made a pair

Verse 2
Couldn't bear to
Start again
I knew you knew other men
Didn't think
I couldn't see
You would do
The same to me

Verse 3
Just like her
You played the fool
I was just your willing tool
You teased and you
Tortured me
And all the time
You played it cool

Verse 4
So now I'm free
And you're alone
Far from me and far from home
Can't you see
You can't do that
Cos I have won and
You are torn

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